Welcome to ISNFF website. We are pleased to announce the activities of the society as reflected in its annual meeting and exhibition, journal and newsletter publication and sponsorship opportunities. ISNFF is Disciplinary Interest Group of IUFoST (approved 2008 in Shanghai).

Awards Application

1. Fellows of ISNFF (FISNFF) to be inducted  
The first group of experts in the functional foods and nutraceuticals will be recognized by ISNFF as fellows. To be considered for this award, the candidates must be nominated or applied for it with a two-page summary of activities in the field and should be a continued member of ISNFF for at least 10 years. Any service to ISNFF, if applicable, should also be mentioned.  
2. Fereidoon Shahidi Fellowship Award:  
Please make sure to submit your dossier to Professor Chi-Tang Ho (Chair of the award committee at Rutgers) in good time.  
3. Duet high traffic on ISNFF site for abstract submission, the site is kept open for now to avoid congestion.  
Please submit your abstracts at your earliest. Please also take advantage of the early bird registration rate while it lasts.

ISNFF Announces publication of a New Journal

ISNFF starts publishing a new journal entitled Journal of Food Bioactives (JFB) as an official Scientific Publication and the second initiative after its first one (Journal of Functional Foods; JFF) ten years ago. Professor Fereidoon Shahidi, the Founding Editor of JFF will serve as the Editor-in-Chief of JFB and Professor Beiwei Zhu would also serve as Co-Editor-in-Chief (Honorary) for the journal. A most highly qualified group of world-renowned experts in the field will serve as the editorial board members of this exciting new journal that received unanimous approval during the 10th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the ISNFF in Gunsan, South Korea during its Annual General Meeting., Journal of Food Bioactives is expected to fills the existing gap in many areas related to food bioactives, nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and herbal as well as medicinal products with regard to their sources, applications, individual bioactive components, and health effects. Details for submission instruction and other important points related to paper submission could be found by visiting the journal site at www.isnff-jfb.com.  

ISNFF upcoming Conferences and Exhibitions

ISNFF 2018 will be held in Sheraton Hotel (Richmond) in Vancouver, Canada, October 14-17, 2018.  
ISNFF 2019 will be held as a joint meeting with ICoFF in Kobe, Japan, December 1-5, 2019.